‘Cyberpunk 2077’ launched Thursday. PS4, Xbox One players are already spotting big tech issues

Thursday is supposed to be a joyous moment for video game players, with the arrival of the highly-anticipated video game “Cyberpunk 2077” on multiple platforms.

However, some players are reporting significant technical issues with the game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One home consoles. A thread on Reddit in the cyberpunkgame subreddit with more than 10,000 comments details some of the big issues players have spotted, including textures taking a long time to load, blurriness, and signs showing “debug” text.

“Playing on a ps4, game is good but i really cant stand how blurry It is,” wrote one Reddit user. According to video game site Polygon, citing livestreaming showing PS4 and Xbox One gameplay, the game crashed multiple times and experienced issues like freezing. Eurogamer reports hitching, where the game will momentarily pause mid-action, when a new texture or object loads into the game.

Other users on social media have reported troubles with the game as well. “Imagine defending this,” writes Twitter user @MichaelDoesLife. “Cyberpunk 2077 is a terrible game.” Of course, many Twitter users have used the graphics troubles to poke fun at Cyberpunk, which had experienced several delays before its launch. The game was originally slated to launch in November, but Cyberpunk developer CD Projekt Red pushed back its release to provide more time to prep the game.

In a note posted then on Twitter, the studio cited the challenges of developing the game for multiple platforms of the Xbox and PlayStation, as well as PC, “which requires us to prepare and test 9 versions.” The developer, which also created The Witcher franchise, on Thursday posted a new tweet saying, “we are hard at work on the upcoming fixes and updates to the game.”

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