Upcoming Broadcast Times:

- 7:00pm EST on Wednesday, April 16th 2014 - Mechwarrior / Flintstones

- 8:00pm EST on Friday,  April 18th 2014 - Blues Brothers / Double Dragon V / Joe & Mac / NHL '94 / Run Saber

This is the Super Nintendo Challenge, a ridiculous journey to play and catalog every single game released on the Super Nintendo in Europe and North America. That is 784 games.

The rules are simple.

1. Each game must be played for a minimum of one hour.

2. There is no maximum time a game can be played.

3. Guests are permitted, but Joe must have a majority/active part in playing the game.

Join Joe every week, live on Twitch, as he tackles new games from the expansive 16-bit library. From beloved classics to horrible blunders, Joe aims to rediscover the joy of Nintendo's 24 year old platform.

Join in and interact in the chat and on Twitter to help decide what games Joe will play next, and what challenges he should tackle within them. Come relive the joy of your favorite games, or discover some hidden gems you never knew existed! Let's experience the entire Super Nintendo library together!