Xbox One Performance Will Double With DirectX 12 Update

Posted on April 08, 2014 by Jeremy Butler

A new update on Xbox One promises to double the console's GPU by installing DirectX 12, a software upgrade that fully utilizes graphics cards that already run DirectX 11. This announcement was made by Microsoft at the Build conference, although a release date has yet to be discussed.

This update would effectively render all previous 720p Xbox One games at 1080p. This revolutionary update not only makes games look better for the consumers, but it requires very little effort on the part of the developers. This bit of tech magic is made possible by the use of bundling and parallel rendering, which loosely translates to decreasing the GPU workload by combining processes and solving them concurrently to minimize the computing speed required.

I've included some images from Neowin's article to further showcase the performance difference between the current processing power of DirectX 11 and the upcoming DirectX 12:

While this is sure to increase the performance of PCs and Xbox Ones, the trade-off for such performance could possibly result in the overheating of the chips themselves. No word yet from Microsoft on the durability of their console in this respect.

Several developers remain cautious and urge consumers not to believe claims, like Rich Forster, programmer on SCE’s R&D PhyreEngine team: 

or PS4 programmer Cort Stratton:

Will the inclusion of Directx 12 make good on the hefty check written by Microsoft? Or will we see the reemergence of the infamous Red Ring Of Death (Red Xbox One Logo?)? 

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