Watch Dogs' Graphics and Resolution on Xbox One Are Being Heavily Guarded

Posted on April 03, 2014 by Jeremy Butler

Well, it seems as if Ubisoft is being very, very protective of the final graphical aspects of Watch Dogs, especially the Xbox One version. Since their announcement, and up until the release date delay, we saw a fair amount of trailers and in-game content being widely circulated. Post-delay, the most we have seen is their recently released "Welcome To Chicago" trailer, which didn't show an awful lot of in-game footage.

Yesterday, Allgamesbeta released a trailer showcasing the environmental effects and lighting of the PS4 version of the game (It was previously mislabeled as PC footage, and Ubisoft had the video pulled down). No Xbox One content was even mentioned or compared in the video.

Creative Director Jonathan Morin refused to comment on speculations that the Xbox One version of the game will run at a lower frame-rate, but instead stated that the PS4 version has a very stable/constant frame-rate. He also stated that the resolutions are "still being finalized". This seems to corroborate insider claims that the the final resolutions of Watch Dogs will be 720p and 1080p on Xbox One and PS4, respectively.

All these rumors and selective statements seem to reinforce the fact that we will again see a major disparity between the next generation console versions of Watch Dogs. And here I thought that maybe the early games on Xbox One suffered from lower resolution solely because they were rushing to get the games out in time for the Xbox One launch. Shame on me for my naivete.

My educated guess is that the final resolutions and graphical fidelity of the Xbox One version of Watch Dogs are being suppressed at least in part by Microsoft to avoid a major backlash from Xbox One owners prior to the game's launch. If this is the case, that's some pretty shady business, Microsoft. 

It wouldn't be the first time that Microsoft has imposed strict rules on developers to keep the Xbox One from appearing weaker than the PS4. Until Microsoft bites the bullet and makes the next series of Xbox Ones more powerful, they are going to continually face backlash for every single game that plays faster and smoother on PS4. Maybe they will adapt, maybe they won't. Only time will tell.

The bottom-line here is simple: If you care deeply about the resolution of Watch Dogs, you might want to get the PS4 version. Hopefully I am wrong, and the two versions will be identical in every way...but it's incredibly unlikely.

In the meantime, check out a screencapped image from the "Welcome To Chicago" trailer for a sneak peak at the possible map size of Watch Dogs.

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