New Titanfall Patch Lowers Gooser Requirements; Adds Private Match Support

Posted on April 10, 2014 by Jeremy Butler

The new patch for Titanfall is now live! The most notable changes made included adding Private Lobbies (which support 2-12 player, but yields no XP, achievement, or challenge progression), and the lowering of the infamous Gooser Challenge. The Gooser Challenge is a Regen Requirement to reach Generation 6, and required the player to achieve a total of 50 ejecting Pilots kills. The Challenge has now been lowered to 5.

Various other stability tweaks include changing party member's map icon to green, and changing the obituary text color of your Auto-Titan to gold. These minor changes to the UI make it much easier to keep track of your party member and Titans and eliminating any possible confusion. Also, the Xbox One version now has a party shortcut, utilized by pressing the Left Trigger. 

Minor game balance changes were also made, most notably changes were to the magazine sizes of the 40MM cannon (now 12), and the Quad Rockets (now 5 default, 6 extended mag). The Rapid fire Mod for the Quad Cannon also received a mag size increase. The Quad Rocket also received a damage increase against enemy Titan's shield, to allow it to better contend against other Titan weapons.

The patch also brought various bug/glitch fixes, so you can expect an overall smoother experience. The full patch notes can here found here.

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