Watch Dogs Gets Official Release Date

Posted on March 06, 2014 by Jeremy Butler

Following an accidental posting of the Watch Dogs trailer on, Ubisoft has made an official announcement confirming the March 27th release date and also released a new story trailer. 

Watch Dogs was delayed a month prior to its original November 2013 release, leaving a gaping hole in the launch line-up of the next-gen systems and many people to speculate on the reasons behind the decisions. With any luck, the extra time to work on the game will have paid off, and we can experience a higher quality product than it would have originally been. Check out the new story trailer below, and see for yourself:

While not very much can be gleaned off a polished trailer, Watch Dogs seems to be on track with the vision they promised to deliver. I look forward to this game, and remain optimistic that the delay will only mean a better end product.

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