Dark Souls Interview With YouTube's Finest - VaatiVidya And SunlightBlade

Posted on March 05, 2014 by James Conway

Dark Souls II is almost here and I can barely contain my excitement. Anyone who has extensively played either Demon's Souls or Dark Souls and suffers from the weird form of Stockholm Syndrome that comes from playing the game, will tell you that March 11th (March 14th if you're in Europe) can't come soon enough.

Recently, I reached out to YouTube's VaatiVidya and SunlightBlade, to gauge their excitement for the release of Dark Souls II and to get their perspectives on the series so far. These two produce some of the best Dark Souls content on YouTube and their knowledge of the series combined is immense.  

VaaitVidya is best known for his lore videos and just overall quality content. SunlightBlade primarily covers the PVP aspect of the Dark Souls series. Here is my interview with the two:

How are you?

SunlightBlade: I am doing very well, thank you for asking.

VaatiVidya: I'm feeling great!

Dark Souls II is right around the corner, I’d have to assume you’re very excited.

SunlightBlade: Words cannot even begin to describe my excitement. The hype has been steadily building for months now and I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that Dark Souls II cannot come fast enough!

VaatiVidya: This is the reason I'm feeling great! I wasn't around on YouTube for the launch of Dark Souls, so making content for Dark Souls II will be an incredible experience.

You’re a huge fan of Dark Souls, what are some features of the game that you’ve enjoyed the most?

SB: The main thing that captured my attention at the start of the Dark Souls release were the multiplayer components. Invasions and co­op are so unique in this game and the seamless integration of singleplayer and the online world really help to make each playthrough unique. Of course, the hidden storyline and incredibly precise gameplay also helped to confirm Dark Souls as my favourite game of all time!

VV: First thing that comes to mind is the online interaction. I love that anonymous connection you have with other players, it really adds this feeling of "struggling through together".

What do you think makes Dark Souls such an amazing game?

SB: I think the lure for me was the confusing, intricate nature of Lordran itself. There were very few directional hints and 'hand­holding' was non­existent. Features that many people would expect there to be in a game like this (such as a minimap, or a compass) were missing. It was this aspect of the game that led me to discover the wonderful Dark Souls community. There were people all over the world sharing their discoveries online who were in exactly the same boat as me, all struggling to come to grips with this amazing world. This comradery was reinforced by the in-game 'jolly co­operation!' summoning system which I feel is now a crucial part of the Souls series.

VV: I think Dark Souls is an amazing game for so many reasons. If I had to pick one it's because the more you give in, the more you get out. This sounds really cliche, but I think the entire community revolves around this fact. Dark Souls doesn't explain everything to you, and it isn't afraid of putting features in the game that players might miss. So many elements of the story and gameplay are still being discussed and theorized even 2 years after release, and that's because FROM (From Software) doesn't go out of their way to explain everything in explicit detail.

What do you expect from Dark Souls II?

SB: For me personally, I would love to see much more fleshed­out online gameplay and from what I have seen so far the developers seem to be answering my prayers! As well as the online aspect I would love for there to be more incentives to be creative with different armour combinations and weapon sets. For example having certain armour pieces being more effective against particular enemies and environments. However, as long as Dark Souls II matches up to or exceeds its predecessor(s) I will be more than satisfied!

VV: From what I've played, I expect a true sequel. Its improved upon things that were lacking, while staying true to the core focus of the Souls games. For example:

The game is more accessible at the start while retaining the same difficulty

Every playstyle is more viable

And they've even added completely new features like Torches, which add so much more than you'd think they would. I won't spoil exactly how, so you'll have to wait and see.

From what I’ve seen, Dark Souls II is looking to leap away from its predecessor in terms of longevity and quality. Do you think Dark Souls II will keep players interested in it for years as Dark Souls did?

SB: I agree with you here, I feel longevity has been an important part of the design process for Dark Souls II, especially considering what we have seen so far. It has been confirmed that certain items can influence how hard the game will be and change various gameplay elements, which means people will have real incentives to re­play Dark Souls II over and over again! In terms of quality, graphics­wise I feel Dark Souls II is a huge improvement although I feel the overall style and feel of the game has stronger ties to Demon Souls than Dark Souls (which is by no means a bad thing!)

VV: In terms of gameplay, I think it will keep players engaged even longer. There are multiple ways to increase the difficulty of the title, and subsequent playthroughs will be way more interesting if you want them to be. Not to mention things like sorcery and archery are more varied.

You are one of my favorite YouTuber’s and your videos are always excellent. Will we expect more quality content for Dark Souls II?

SB: You absolutely can! Thank you very much for having me, I hope to see you in March when Dark Souls II arrives!

VV: I'm really hoping to step it up for Dark Souls II - both around launch and for years into the future.

Thank you guys very much.

Be sure to check out SunlightBlade and VaatiVidya's YouTube channels for some quality Dark Souls and Dark Souls II content.

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