Titanfall Patch And Companion App Incoming

Posted on March 18, 2014 by Jeremy Butler

Respawn developer Drew McCoy has revealed via Twitter that the company is hard at work on a companion app for Titanfall. No details as of yet, but I can speculate that it may include loadout customization and a minimap for online matches. 

Respawn is also working on a patch which will change player name color in the lobby to allow for better party identification and open private lobbies for eSports participants. No details on whether or not these lobbies will be open to everyone.

Hopefully a weapon balance patch will also be released soon to address the power issues with the Plasma Rail Gun and the Arc Cannon, among others. I wouldn't complain about seeing a new Titan class, or some new weapons either.

I may be looking too far to the future, but I believe that Titanfall will need some more content to merit playing it day after day for weeks to come. 

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