Everyone Needs To Chill Out About The Dark Souls 2 Graphics

Posted on March 17, 2014 by James Conway

In 2012 a demo for Aliens: Colonial Marines was released, which drew a great amount of attention to the game. The demo looked amazing, the lighting effects were incredible, character models looked great, and the demo gave the overall impression that this was the game Alien fans had been waiting for.

A year later in 2013 the game was finally released and everything that demo had shown was gone. The final product was a terrible and ugly experience that had everyone asking. What the hell happened?

Fast forward to April 2013, preview footage for Dark Souls 2 was starting to be released to the public and interest in the anticipated sequel began to grow. 

Just like the Aliens: Colonial Marines demo the Dark Souls 2 preview footage showed off amazing lighting effects, great looking character models, and the demo gave the overall impression that Dark Souls 2 was going to be a worthy sequel to Dark Souls. Last week the final version of the game was released and players began to notice differences between that and the preview footage. 

The picture comparisons and the video above speak for themselves. It's clear that there are some differences between the preview footage and the final game. The lighting quality has been reduced and parts of the environment have been decreased graphically. So is this just as bad as what Aliens: Colonial Marines did? If you ask me, yes and no.

Yes in the regard that the preview footage for Dark Souls 2 looked incredible, while the final product was slightly dumb down. This is misleading to consumers.

No in the regard that Dark Souls 2 is actually an amazing game. Aliens: Colonial Marines was an abomination of the highest order in every way imaginable, so players felt mislead when they played a crappy game that they expected to be just like the demo. 

I don't want to sit here and defend Namco Bandai and From Software, their preview footage and final game have clear graphical differences. However, Dark Souls 2 is fantastic (Review coming soon), so I can't help but feel that everyone who is complaining about this just needs to chill the fuck out. 

This is 2014, I thought by now most gamers would have come to the conclusion that gameplay and story are far more important than pretty skyboxes and lighting effects. I understand that some people felt mislead, but if the April 2013 preview footage was all that you saw before buying Dark Souls 2 and then decided to start complaining about the graphical differences, you are an idiot. There are countless videos online of leaked Beta footage and trailers for the game were being released almost monthly. That's the footage you should be looking at when trying to gauge the quality of a soon to be released game, not some fucking year old preview.

Dark Souls 2 is still a great looking game and is a blast to play. I guarantee it's a better gaming experience than most of the shit you will be playing on Next Gen consoles this year, that run on 1080p and have the amazing graphics you so crave.

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