Death Counter For Dark Souls

Posted on March 10, 2014 by James Conway

Have you been curious to know how many times you've died in Dark Souls? Well, a new website called Dark Souls Death Counter can tell you.

As of right now, the website can only tell PC players their death count. Console players are "shit out of luck." To use the death counter, PC players must locate their save file in "Documents/NBGI/DarkSouls/[your name]" and then upload it to the website to see how many times they've died while playing the game. The death counter doesn't seem to count phantom deaths.

Support for the console may come in the future, the website urges console players to send them their data for testing. A similar counter for Dark Souls II might be in the works as well. The PC version of the game is set to release on April 25th, while the console version comes out tomorrow. 

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