Xbox One Day One: Did We Get Screwed?

Posted on February 25, 2014 by Joe Modzeleski

Welcome to The Daily Rumble, a daily column where I share my personal thoughts and opinions about games and the gaming world. Yesterday I discussed the apprehension of reviewing a game you have predisposed feelings towards, and the effect of bias in games criticism.

Today I'd like to turn your attention over to the recently announced Titanfall bundle for Xbox One. On the surface it's a pretty great deal. For no additional cost over the current Xbox One console you get a copy of Titanfall for free. Consider for a second that this is no traditional console bundle. Console bundles and deals are a natural progression of retail presence, they always come over time. However, this isn't just any bundle, it's a bundle containing the game to have an Xbox One for. 

Since launch Titanfall has been the big hitter, the Xbox One semi-exclusive that hoped to be the Gears of War of Microsoft's new console. Take a poll and I'm sure you'll find that a large majority of the fans who purchased an Xbox One at launch or shortly after did so with the intention of playing Titanfall when it released. 

The mindset? I want to have this thing to play Titanfall anyways, which comes out soon, so I'm just going to buy it now and get that expense out of the way. If you're one of the Xbox One owners who bought the console with this intention, then you just got screwed. 

Now listen, i'm not the type of person to get bitter of early-adoption. I've had my Wii U since launch and haven't had any apprehension or anger towards Nintendo regarding my purchase. I have issues with the system but, not only is that a topic for another day, they aren't anywhere near the type of issues I'm having towards this Xbox One bundle.

What irks me about this is that the diehard, the early adopters who supported Microsoft with the launch of the Xbox One seem to have been punished for throwing down their money on such a risky investment. Any time you buy a console at launch it's a risky investment, but I can explain further why this irritates me so much. With this particular risk in supporting Microsoft's new console we were not only forced to pay a higher price for an included peripheral many of us did not want, but we were given a system that was so obviously unfinished it made my head spin. Standard features were just straight up missing, we had a launch console that couldn't even match the features that the Xbox 360 had when it launched in 2005. 

Like all early-adopters we bought into something that wasn't as good as it was going to be. We bought into an idea, a story. That's fine, again, I fully understand the risks of being a day one console owner.

But where I draw the line is when I see a bundle of this console, within less than four months, being offered to people including the biggest Xbox One title for free. To everyone that said to Microsoft "I will support your console, I want Titanfall so I'm going to buy it.", you got screwed. Microsoft is essentially punishing you for purchasing their console early. This isn't like a great bundle showing up 16, 14, or even 12 months down the road. At that point the argument is essentially null and void, you paid early to have the console and use it when it was new. Technology got cheaper and over time the product becomes cheaper, that's a natural and obvious flow of a product.

But within 4 months, with the first game that is potentially worth purchasing the console for? Sorry, but that rubs me the wrong way. I appreciate the bundle and what they are trying to do. In the end it just makes me feel like I'm less appreciated as a customer when I took a bigger risk on the product.

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