Battlefield 4 Platoons Going Into Early Access

Posted on February 24, 2014 by Jeremy Butler

In the Battlefield forums today, developer TheBikingViking posted a thread concerning the upcoming Battlefield 4 Platoons for the Battlelog. BF4 Platoons was part of Battlefield 3, but was missing from the most recent title until now.

Platoons allowed players to band together, find games, and compete against rival platoons. What exactly will be offered in the upcoming version of Platoons has not been announced, but you can expect most (if not all) of these features to return for Battlefield 4.

TheBikingViking had this to say: 

"Very soon, we will release Platoons on Battlelog for Battlefield 4 (details to be announced very soon), but we want to give early access to a smaller group of players to test certain parts of the system before a full rollout and get some even earlier feedback."

Sign up for early access into the Platoons feature by following the link, and posting your Origin name in the thread. Members with a pre-existing Platoon have an "even higher chance of being selected". If you haven't created a platoon yet, you can do so here.

Good luck, and I'll see you on the battlefield.

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